Recreational Gymnastics 

FUN, Fitness and Fundamentals

Gymnastics is recognized by the International Olympic Committee and by Sport Canada as a foundation sport because it plays a crucial part in the development of fundamental movement patterns and sport skills. Early participation enables children to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle for a lifetime. It is our goal that each child develops physically, mentally, socially and emotionally through the sport of gymnastics.

Active Start Program

Our Active Start Program focuses on developing physical literacy for children ages 12 months-6 years. Classes are designed to keep children active physically and engaged socially. Developing gross motor movement as well as practicing critical social skills such as following a circuit, waiting for a turn and listening to instructions are all targeted. We also focus on developing the Fundamental Movement Patterns - landings, springs, swings, locomoations, stationary positions, rotations and object manipulation.

Parent & Tot Program 

Parents actively participate with their toddlers, exploring physical literacy through music, games and age appropriate equipment.

Parent & Tot - 30 minute class

Active Start 3-6 Year Olds

Children ages 3-6 years participate independently in a class with children of the same age. We will develop physical literacy and social skills through music, games and the use of age appropriate equipment.

Jumping Beans (ages 2.5-4 years) - a 30-minute independent class for beginners or those who require a shorter amount of class time.

Sprouts (ages 3-5 years) - a 45-minute class for children who have been in Jumping Beans (previously called Kindergym 3) or children who need to continue to work on physical literacy and social skills. 

Hotshots (ages 4-6 years) - a 45-minute class for children with advanced gross motor skills and those that excel at the seven fundamental movement patterns.

Recreational Gymnastics Ages 6+

As of the Winter Session 2020, our recreational program for children ages 6 and up, will be using our own in-club assessment program based on guidleines from Gymnastics Canada's Can-Gym Program.

Our focus will be on developing the Fundamental Movement Patters (FMP's) - landings, swings, stationary positions, rotations, locomotions and springs. This season, our club is also implementing the use of skills in the JO Xcel Program in our recreational program in order to assist the transition from recreational to the competitve program. 


A beginner class for children ages 6 and up.

We will work on progressions and skills based on the first four can-gym levels throughout our 10-week session. 

Beginner athletes could be in bronze for several sessions.

BRONZE - 60 minute class


An intermediate class for children ages 6 and up. Focus will continue on progressing through and developing the Fundamental Movement Patterns at a more advanced level. Children can work towards building skills, strength and flexibility throughout our 10-week session. 

SILVER - 75 minute class


An advanced class for children ages 6-9. This class would be for children who love gymnastics, but are not interested in competing in our JO program. The focus would be on more advanced skills in the JO Xcel program.

GOLD - 75 minute class

Advanced Recreational Class


For athletes age 10-13 who are not interested in joining our competitive program but would like to continue to work on advanced gymnastics skills. This is a year long class commitment from September-April and is held once a week for two hours. Prerequiste to register in this class is by coach recommendation or previous experience in Silver.

MONDAYS - 5:30-7:30pm *registration will open for this class in August 2021