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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. I have two kids registered in different programs. Will I be required to meet fundraising commitments for both?
A. No. Fundraising requirements are based on per FAMILY.

Q. What should my child wear?
A. Recreational athletes are not required to wear a bodysuit, but can choose to do so. As long as their movement is not restricted by clothing, they have bare feet and their hair is tied back away from their face, they will be ready to be active!

Q. Do I have to pay for classes all at once?
A. No. We have a flexible payment program. We ask that cheques are post-dated for the 1st or the 15th of the month and that payment is made in full by November 1st in the Fall Session or March 1st in the Winter Session.
Q. What if my child does not like gymnastics and refuses to participate?
A. Refunds will be pro-rated and provided up until the 3rd class. If your child attends 3 classes, no refund will be provided. The Gymnastics Saskatchewan/Gym Canada insurance fee is non-refundable. Any fundraising buyouts are non-refundable.
Q. Can I stay and watch my child's class?
A. While we have an open door policy in conjunction with Canada's Safe Sport Framework, our lobby area can get congested. Parents can stay and watch in the lobby, but we would kindly ask that you leave the coaching to the coaches.


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