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Jessica Ronn

Head Coach


Jessica Ronn is a School Counsellor for Good Spirit School Division by day, and in the evenings coaches gymnastics. Jess has been involved in the sport of gymnastics for over 30 years, either as an athlete, coach, judge, and at one point all three! Jess is a lifelong learner in the sport of gymnastics and has attended many courses and workshops. In Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) she is NCCP Certified Level 2 and has her Level 3 Technical. She is also certified Level 2 Trampoline and Active Start Recreational Gymnastics. Jess oversees all of the coaches for Springers Gymnastics and guides them as they become NCCP certified. Jess is trained in the Junior Acrobatique syllabus through ADAPT and is certified to teach Acro. She is a national level judge and is also our club Judging Chair, recruiting and training judges for our province. Jess has facilitated several judging clinics in Regina and Saskatoon for new judges in the province over the past few years. Jess enjoys being involved in new learning opportunities and will bring anyone she can to Yorkton in order to educate her coaches. She has been an active member for Gymnastics Saskatchewan's Women's Technical Committee for 8 years and is an active member of the Women's Judging Committee. Gymnastics has always been a part of Jess’ life, and she enjoys teaching kids how to learn new gymnastics skills, as well as other important life skills that come with being involved in sport.


Stephanie Wong-Erhardt

Recreational Director

Stephanie Wong Erhardt is the Recreational Director of Springers Gymnastics Club as well as a pre-competitive coach and judge. Stephanie grew up in Calgary and developed her love for the sport of Gymnastics at a young age when she went into a preschool class at the age of 3. In 2008, a parent asked her if she would be interested in coaching at Yorkton Springers Gymnastics Club and the answer was “YES!”. Since then, Stephanie has certified NCCP Level 2, attended countless recreational conferences and other seminars to assist in growing the Recreational and Pre-Competitive program. The opportunities to continually learn are what helps her keep her passion for the sport of gymnastics alive. Stephanie and her husband live on the family farm with their two daughters who both are in gymnastics. She feels gymnastics is a sport that teaches more than being active, healthy and fit. It is a great fundamental sport and sets kids up for success physically, socially, and academically. Gymnastics teaches skills like perseverance, time management, goal setting, determination, and learning to fail but having the courage to get back up and try again. It also teaches kids to focus, be polite, listen, be prepared and have fun. These are all qualities that Stephanie believes in.

Stephanie has seen the club grow and looks forward to the future of Yorkton Springers Gymnastics Club.


2023-2024 Executive Board Members

Springers Gymnastics Club is a non-profit organization with a parent-run board.


Devan Yaholnitsky


Kelsie Yaholnitsky


Jason Signarowski

Jessica Kachur

Carmen Weinknecht

Janelle Haslund

Trisha Minchuk


Stephanie Bajus

Head Coach

Jessica Ronn

Office Manager

Eliza Robichaud

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2021-2022 Executive
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