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Pre-School Gymnastics

  • Jumping Beans (ages 2.5-4 years) – 30 minute class

  • Sprouts (ages 3-5 years) – 45 minute class

  • Hotshots (ages 4-6 years) – 45 minute class

Kindergym classes are based on the Active Start model. We will focus on developing your child’s physical literacy using a multi-movement approach
Games and circuits will be the main method of program delivery, incorporating all 7 of the Fundamental Movement Patterns (FMP’s), which are: Springs, Swings, Locomotions, Stationary Positions, Rotations, Landings and Object Manipulation.
Within the warm-ups, stretching, games, and circuits, your child will be learning the basics and fundamentals of gymnastics. Sometimes it may seem repetitive, but the more practice your child has at developing his or her skills, the better.
We will be working on Gross Motor Skills (running, jumping, climbing, rolling, twisting, kicking, throwing, catching), motor qualities of agility, balance, and coordination, physical qualities such as strength and flexibility, as well as cognitive development stages in space and body awareness, patterning, directionality (up, down, in, out, over, under), and communication and problem-solving.
Within our structured class, your child will also have the opportunity to practice social skills such as listening, following directions, cooperation, and self-confidence to try new things.
Our goal is to keep the gymnasts busy and active throughout the whole class!
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